Entertainment to Remember

Aerial Cirque's grand entrance at The Round Room, Mansion House. 

We have a passion for creating bespoke shows for high-end events that want add a touch of extravagance and a memorable experience for their guests. From whole shows to individual acts and characters, we offer the most creative spectacles to make your event special. 

Aerial Cirque has been commissioned to choreograph and perform bespoke shows for The The Round Room at The Mansion (Christmas 2016 & 2015), Croke Park, Cafe en Seine, and Culture Night Dublin (2016) amongst others. If you would like something us to create something spectacular for your next event, please get in contact to learn of our entertainment packages, aerial rigging, and performer quotes. 

Amongst many others, we have performed for:

Grant Thornton
A.L. Goodbody
Arthur Cox

Full shows

15 - 60 minutes

Dreams From Gatsby's Pillow

A show created by Aerial Cirque for The Round Room, Christmas 2015 banquet entertainment.

We create corporate entertainment shows with a keen focus on striking openings and grand finales. Intertwining aerial and ground based acts with powerful live music make for the most memorable experience for your guests. 

Ground Based Performers

LED Juggling Poi

hoola hoop
juggling, poi, staff
duo acrobatics

Aerial Performers

aerial silks
trapeze artists
aerial hoop
rope/corde lisse

Triple Silks bespoke act for the launch of the Hogan Suite at Croke Park. 

Site specific/unique space performance 

Aerial Net performance on a sailing ship! 

Having an event on a ship, no problem. Opening a new building, sure we'll dance on dance, flip, and jump on that architecture. Have a crazy idea? We're eager to hear about it! 

Vertical Dance

Grand public performance for openings or launches performed on the side of a building. A truly memorable and awe inspiring performance, Vertical Dance is an emerging dance form in which the wall becomes a floor and our relationship with gravity is set anew. Best performed on the outside of buildings for a public gathering.

Vertical Dance